Dyson: The Best Sucker Upper

There’s a reason Dyson founder James Dyson has a net worth of nearly $14 billion. This is because Dyson vacuums are more than just a cleaning tool. They’ve revolutionized the way that we clean our homes. Here is why Dyson vacuums are a head above the rest. The Design After years of frustration at the […]

Make the Most Out of Your Phone: 8 Phone Accessories That You Must Have

Cracked screens, water damage, and scratches, oh my! Our smartphones are one of our most expensive investments. We purchase our phones for their features and abilities, but sometimes the phone falls short in key areas. This is why it’s important to invest in phone accessories. Phone manufacturers do a great job of creating user-friendly technology […]

The Most Common Playstation Controller Issues

Sony released the first PlayStation controller in 1994. Since then, the basic shape and functionality have remained the same. But even though the PlayStation controller is based on an old design, it’s developed some new problems. Some of these controller issues could be an occasional hiccup that interrupts your gaming experience. More serious issues can […]

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