A Canadian’s Guide to Sourcing Spare Parts for a Cell Phone Repair Business

starting a cell phone repair company

67% of Canadians own a cell phone. And chances are most, if not of all us, will at some point damage our phones.

Considering that these small devices can cost close to $1000, it’s no wonder that many people turn to an electronics repair business for help.

If you are starting a cell phone repair business, read on! We’ll talk about how to get spare parts for your Canadian cell phone repair company.

Research the Supplier

When you are starting a cell phone repair business, it’s important to make good business relationships.

Your profit will be affected by shoddy parts and missed delivery deadlines. So make sure you look at what other customers say about any suppliers you are considering.

Check on social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. The Better business bureau (BBB) has a great listing of companies. You may be able to find a supplier’s rating even if they are not a BBB accredited business.

Look for suppliers in your area for companies that have an A+ score.

Buy From Canadian Suppliers

Your customers will put a lot of faith in you as a Canadian cell phone repair business. To keep their loyalty and trust, you should buy your parts from a Canadian supplier.

Sure, you might be able to get parts for cheap that come in from China or elsewhere. But, you may not get the genuine, quality products your customers expect.

When you choose a Canadian supplier, make sure to promote this fact on your website and in your store! Let customers know that they can trust you and your suppliers.

You will be amazed at how much trust and loyalty this will add to your business.

Is There a Warranty?

Make sure that any parts you buy have a warranty. Reputable companies will offer a guarantee on their products.

Don’t buy any parts without a guarantee or you could be spending money on parts that don’t work at all.

Create an Account

Once you have found a reputable supplier, go ahead and register for an account with the company.

Sign up to get emails and special offers from them. The supplier might send your coupons, special deals and other specials that can help you make your repair business more profitable.

Plus, having an account with a supplier is the start of a good business relationship. You never know, after working with them for a while, you might come to a mutually beneficial partnership.

Look for Genuine Parts

You can find all sorts of parts for cell phone repairs. Some of them are authentic and some are counterfeit.

Though the counterfeit parts may work just as well, it is best if you know which kind of parts you are ordering.

Read the product descriptions carefully to understand what you are getting.

So, where to source genuine parts for my electronic repair business? There are a few ways you can try.

Ask for Donations & Buy Used Phones

One of the ways to learn how to make your repair business more profitable is to get donations of used phones.

You can then strip the devices for the various parts you can re-use. Ask your network to donate old phones. When people understand that you are starting a new venture, they may be happy to help get you off the ground.

You can also post “I buy Old Cell Phones” ads on social media sites and in local free newspapers and so on.

Most people have old devices sitting around in drawers at home. Lots of people will likely be willing to sell you their old phones for a cheap price.

This is a great way to get parts for your business for less, especially when you are starting out.

And this way guarantees that you are sourcing genuine parts.

Beware of Non-Supplier Sites

There are lots of places that sell used parts including eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and others.

Avoid buying parts from these sites because you don’t know if these parts are coming from stolen phones.

Locked phones for sale for cheap on these sites are often stolen. You might not be able to use the device for parts. Plus, you don’t want to start your business out by getting involved in stolen goods.

So, stick to reputable providers and steer-clear of people looking to make a profit from theft.

Shop in Bulk

One way to increase your profits is to buy cell phone parts in bulk. The best suppliers offer discounted, bulk parts to their customers.

You will then be able to have a higher profit margin for each repair you do.

Shop by Clearance

It’s always better to pay less for an item. Get into the habit of shopping the clearance section on your supplier’s website.

Look for parts you are sure to need at some point. While you might not need them now, it is wise to stock up for a lower price.

Make Sure you Buy the Correct Parts

Spare parts for cell phone repair can be surprisingly difficult to tell apart. You might buy a glass screen for an iPhone 6 only to realize that you need the whole iPhone LCD Digitizer Screen Assembly.

Don’t just rely on search results. You might be looking for a sound module and the search results on a website can show you speaker earpiece modules – not at all what you need.

Don’t waste your money or your customers’ time by buying the wrong parts.

Final Word on Starting a Cell Phone Repair Business

There you have it! A guide to sourcing parts for your cell phone repair company.

Remember, being successful when starting a cell phone repair business has a lot to do with finding the right supplier. Follow these guidelines to ensure your business gets a good start.

We would love to help you grow your business. Contact us today to talk.

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