How to Choose the Best Wholesale Laptop Parts Supplier

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71% of Canadians own a laptop or netbook. Since a laptop has a lifespan of three to five years, millions of these Canadians will need a regular supply of replacement parts. This might be one reason why laptop parts retailers are thriving.

Are you thinking of running your own laptop parts business? Then you need a wholesaler that can help you thrive and grow. In many ways, your choice of distributor will determine the success — or failure — of your business.

So how do you choose the best wholesale laptop parts supplier? It’s easier than you might think. Read on and discover the six qualities of any good distributor.

1. Compare Prices and Quality

It’s easy to search for the cheapest deals around and spring for them without a second thought. But that isn’t the best way to build a successful computer parts business.

If a price is too good to be true, it likely is. Cheap parts often have questionable build quality or offer subpar performance. After the first few sales, your customers will likely return to your store to request refunds when the parts fail to function.

And as every business owner knows, online reviews matter. You don’t want to upset your customers or they’ll stop coming back.

It’s important to find a balance between great prices and acceptable quality. Take your time and look through at least a dozen popular wholesale suppliers. This should give you a good idea of what laptop replacement parts are worth.

If you’re looking for excellent wholesale deals, consider stocking up during a sale from a reputable dealer.

2. No RMA? No Deal!

Sometimes electronics don’t work. The manufacturer made a mistake or the part was damaged in transit. Either way, a percentage of your inventory will arrive in an unsellable condition.

Suppliers know this. That’s why any laptop parts store worth its salt will have a flexible RMA policy.

What’s an RMA? It stands for a “return merchandise authorization.” It’s not a refund policy, as an RMA typically requires some form of defect for approval.

Your business doesn’t have to take the financial burden. Contact your supplier and take advantage of their RMA. Nowadays, the request form is available online.

Once it’s approved, you’ll have to ship the defective products to your supplier for a full refund. Sometimes you’ll have to pay for the shipping, but some wholesale companies will cover the cost for you.

An RMA is an important step to protect your business from financial loss. But it’s also a good way to test a potential supplier. If a distributor doesn’t offer an RMA return policy, then it’s likely their stock isn’t very dependable.

3. Free Shipping Adds Up

With moderate traffic, your laptop replacement parts store will go through a good deal of stock. You might have to order new supplies once a week or more. And depending on how much you buy, shipping and handling will cost you an arm and a leg.

That’s why you should choose a repair parts distributor that offers free shipping. Many wholesale suppliers sweeten the pot by offering these deals to small businesses.

However, they often come with a price requirement. You might have to meet a purchase of $1,000 or more to qualify. If you’re ordering new stock once a week, odds are you’ll get the deal.

4. Find a Diverse Catalog of Laptop Parts

Laptops have countless components: processors, cables, fans, hard drives, network cards, and more. To be a decent replacement parts store, you’ll want to be a one-stop-shop that offers everything your customers could ask for.

And this means you want a wholesaler with a diverse catalogue of parts. Imagine buying laptop parts from half a dozen different suppliers just to stock your store. That’s inefficient and time-consuming.

Try to stick to one or two distributors. Not only is it easier, but parts distributors tend to negotiate special deals with regular clients. By purchasing a few parts across a variety of stores, you’ll likely miss out on deals for shipping and bulk purchases.

Keep in mind that some computer parts are only available straight from the manufacturer.

5. Discounts for Bulk Purchases

To make a livable wage as a computer parts reseller, you need to rely on discounts for bulk purchases. That’s how most businesses earn great margins.

When you’re looking through wholesale suppliers, see if they have deals for buying a certain number of items. You might as well save some cash since you’ll be taking on a lot of stock.

A distributor’s website will often have an architecture that supports bulk purchases. This might mean it’s easy to change the number of items in your cart. At Techville Distribution, we have a quick shop page to save you the hassle of digging through our catalogue.

6. Educated Customer Support

Sometimes mistakes happen. Maybe you’ve been given the wrong part or need assistance with incompatible laptop components. You shouldn’t have to go it alone.

Look for a supplier with knowledgeable customer support. Otherwise, it could be a struggle to fix any errors that occur.

Computer parts can get complicated. For example, imagine trying to clear up the following order discrepancy with someone who knows little about laptops: You received three 200W PSUs instead of a 90W.

Looking for the Best Laptop Parts Supplier?

If you want your laptop parts business to succeed, the supplier is everything. They’ll ultimately determine your margins, stock quality, and the time you spend running your business.

Techville Distribution checks all these boxes and more. We offer free shipping, quick order processing, and excellent customer support. Create an account and let us help you grow your business.

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