7 Things You Should Know about Buying Cheaper Cell Phone Parts

cheap cell phone parts

According to one study, 86% of Canadians own smartphones.

With that many phones out there, some of them are bound to get broken. For cell phone repair companies, that’s good news.

But, do you know where to get parts for repairs? While it may seem logical to go with cheap cell phone parts, the truth is that these may end up costing you more in the long run.

Keep reading to learn more about why you should avoid paying the lowest price for cell phone repair parts to protect your clients and your business.

1. Harder to Install

One of the biggest frustrations you’ll face while using cheap parts is that they tend to be more difficult to install than high-quality options.

For example, parts that require adhesive to attach will require an extra step to add the adhesive. However, when you pay a little more for a part, it typically comes with this which makes the installation faster and easier.

This not only slows the installation process down, but it can also cost your company more when you have to buy additional supplies to attach certain parts.

2. Break Easily

Another concern with cheap parts during installation is that they can break while you’re working with them. This is another thing that makes the repair process frustrating and more costly for your business.

It’s also more common for cheap parts to arrive broken. Although the same can happen to high-quality parts, it’s more common that those will be broken thanks to poor handling, not simply by being in a box.

When you have to use more than one part to do the same repair or throw out a portion of newly-arrived parts, it’s a waste of money.

3. May Not Last as Long

Once you do have a cheap part properly installed, it may not last as long for your customer. While this may not seem like their problem, it’s really yours for two reasons.

First of all, they may choose to go to another repair shop and simply leave you a bad online review. This can hurt your business reputation more than you realize and could take months to recover from.

Secondly, they may return to you and demand you do the repair again. To provide excellent customer service to avoid bad reviews, you’ll have to do as they ask which costs you more time and money.

Either way, you want to make sure the service you’re providing for your customers is outstanding to avoid hurting your business reputation.

4. Lack of Warranty

Often, cheap cell phone parts don’t come with a warranty. That means when there’s a problem with them, it’s your problem and there’s really nothing you can do about it except eat the cost of the part.

When you pay a little more for your parts, they should come with a guarantee that they’ll work. Then, if they don’t, you can have them replaced for free. This alone can make a huge difference when dealing with more expensive parts.

5. Slow Shipping

One of the ways you can provide good customer service is to do repairs quickly. However, if you don’t have the parts on hand, it can be hard to get someone’s phone back to them as quickly as they would like.

Because of how far many cheap parts travel, it can take time for them to arrive. Even if you order parts in advance to keep in the shop, if they’re delayed in the mail, there’s nothing you can do but wait.

We understand how important it is for repair shops to get their parts quickly which is why we offer same-day shipping and fast regular shipping throughout Canada.

This guarantees you can complete a repair within a few days instead of weeks.

6. Untested

Companies that sell cheap cell phone parts don’t make money from having quality products. Instead, they make their money on quantity. That means they don’t take the time to test parts before shipping them out.

When untested parts arrive at your shop, you have a couple of options. You can test them yourself which takes up valuable time or you can risk them not working which can waste even more time if you have to replace it a second time.

All of our parts are triple-tested so there’s no questioning whether or not they’re going to work when you put them in a customer’s phone. This helps you save both time and money.

7. No Other Services

Another thing to consider when looking for a company to provide you with phone parts is what other services they provide. Those that have cheap parts often only sell phone parts. They don’t have anything else to offer you.

This is one way our company stands out. We offer a buy-back program that allows your business to quickly and easily make some extra money.

Rather than throw out those old parts, save them up and then get a quote from us when you’re ready to sell them. You’d be surprised at how much extra you can make by sending us broken screens and phones rather than tossing them.

What to Do Instead of Ordering Cheap Cell Phone Parts

By now, you likely agree with us that buying cheap parts isn’t good for your business. However, you may also be wondering what you should do instead.

Purchasing the most expensive parts on the market may seem like the only solution, but that means you either have to start charging more for repairs or else cut your profit margin down considerably.

Either way, there is a middle ground. We source the highest-quality parts at the lowest possible prices so we can pass those savings onto you. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of high-quality parts without breaking the bank.

Where to Get Quality Cell Phone Parts

Now you know seven reasons why you should avoid buying cheap cell phone parts. As you can see, they may end up doing more harm than good for your company’s reputation and bottom line.

If you’re looking for a way to get high-quality repair parts that are also affordable, contact us today. Our parts are triple-tested, easy-to-install, and will arrive as quickly as you need them with same-day delivery options.

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