Full Gaming Experience: 9 Amazing Gaming Accessories

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The world of gaming has seen a meteoric rise in the last decade. Once considered to be a hobby, gamers are now considered elite athletes, capable of doing what the rest of us consider impossible. And although these gamers make it based on their skills, their amazing gaming accessories help them perform at the highest level.

Gamers now have a wide range of options when it comes to accessories that can help them improve their gaming experience. Whether it’s a new mouse, keyboard, graphics card, or even a new case to spice up their rig, there are endless accessories out there.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best gaming accessories to boost your gaming experience.

1. Havit USB 7.1 Gaming Surround Sound Headset with Mic

With a comfortable fit and excellent sound, this headset is a great accessory for gamers who need a competitive edge. This headset has a stretchable headband design that goes over the top of your head, which ensures a comfortable fit for long sessions. This headband is also adjustable, which means it will fit the head of any gamer.

And with large 40mm caliber speakers, you’ll get excellent surround sound to help you fight your enemies. And an integral mic also ensures you can communicate with your teammates easily and clearly.

2. Logitech G600 Laser MMO Gaming Mouse

If you’re looking for a mouse with a ton of features that will boost your performance, this mouse is for you. This mouse has over 20 programmable buttons, allowing you to set a function for each button. This includes a 12-button pad on the side of the mouse that allows for quick commands and effortless navigation.

The mouse also comes with a G-shift ring-finger button, which allows you to switch to a different button mapping setup in one click. This means you can double the function for each button on the mouse and get twice as much performance.

3. Multimedia Studio 3.5mm Condenser Wired Computer Microphone

When you’re streaming your gaming, you want to make sure your voice is as clear as possible. This helps you communicate with your fans and clearly communicate with your teammates.

The Multimedia Studio 3.5mm Condenser Wired Computer Microphone will deliver excellent voice recording and crystal clear vocal capture. This microphone comes with noise cancellation technology, which will make your voice sound crystal clear even with background noise.

This microphone also comes with a 180-degree adjustable mic stand, which makes it easy to orient for the best sound quality. And with plug-and-play functionality, this device is easy to use for any gamer.

4. ONE-UP H9 Metal Cover Optical Switch 104-Key Mechanical Gaming E-sports Keyboard

As a durable, high-performance keyboard, the ONE-UP H9 Metal Cover 104-Key Mechanical Gaming E-Sports Keyboard is perfect for any gamer.

With 9 changeable LED lighting options and 104 conflict-free keys, this keyboard will get you ready to dominate the competition. This keyboard also has mechanical keys which are spring-loaded and extra responsive.

5. Z370 Gaming Plus Motherboard

If you need a motherboard that can handle the stress of high-performance gaming, this is the right choice for your computer.

When it comes to PC gaming, your computer needs to be able to handle the high demand that these games require. The Z370 Gaming Plus Motherboard from MSI will give you that steady, dependable performance you need. With low latency and excellent bandwidth management, this motherboard provides a seamless gaming experience.

And with VR capability that reduces motion sickness, you can enjoy the VR world of your choosing for hours and hours.

6. SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 590 8GB Special Edition Graphics Card

Graphics are one of the most important parts of gaming. They immerse you in the virtual world and allow you to experience the game to its full potential.

The SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 590 8 GB Special Edition graphics card will boost the graphics capability of your computer and give you a more immersive experience.

With its Boost mode, you can prime your graphics card for the high-demand it will experience during high-performance gaming. And with the Silent mode, you can get all the performance you need without listening to high-powered fans.

This graphics card also has a Dual-X cooling system which will keep your system cool no matter how much stress you put on it.

7. Azza Titan Gaming CSAZ-240 Case

As an attractive, durable computer case, the Azza Titan Gaming CSAZ-240 Case is a great way to spice up the appearance of your gaming computer. With clear, tempered glass on the sides and top, you can watch your gaming computer and components operate in real-time.

This case will fit any water-cooling radiator between 120-240mm, which means your current build should fit into this case no problem. To aid in the cooling process, this case also houses the power supply at the bottom of the case. This reduces the effects of residual heat and puts less stress on your components.

8. Samsung 24″ 60Hz 1ms GTG LED Gaming Monitor

If you need crystal clear visuals and lightning-fast response times, the Samsung 24″ 60 Hz LED Gaming Monitor is the perfect choice for your gaming system.

This monitor boasts response times of 1 ms or less, which means you won’t have input delays affecting your performance. This monitor also comes with Flicker-Free technology which eliminates ghosting and juddering on your screen.

And at 24″, this monitor is the perfect size to fit on a desk and still provide excellent visuals.

9. Marvo SG-117 USB Powered 2pcs 3.5mm Stereo Gaming Speakers

If you’re someone who needs high-quality sound without a headset, these Marvo SG-117 3.5mm 2-piece gaming speakers will deliver. These speakers come with an adjustable volume knob, which helps you get the exact volume setting you are looking for.

And because these speakers are USB powered, they won’t need an external power source. If you need a quieter gaming session, you can also plug your headset into the speakers for a more private experience.

Get the Best Gaming Accessories Online

Now that you know about some of the best gaming accessories, you can go online and find the accessories that up your game.

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