Techville: Buy, Sell, or Trade Up Your Tech!

The average smartphone user holds on to their device for 2.6 years. This number is steadily decreasing. While you might be happy with your current device, you are likely to turn it in sooner than you think. New, exciting devices are released every year. It’s hard to wait until your contract runs out to purchase […]

What is the Blue Screen of Death?

Every year, PC users spend close to 200 million dollars on their computers. Some of this accounts for purchases while a big majority of it accounts for fixes, trade-ins, and updates. Nowadays, many issues can be solved at home by perusing online forums or giving a help desk a call. But how to fix the […]

Hacks for Summer Proofing Your Phone

Wondering how to cool down your phone this summer? Did you know that about 6% of the electricity produced in the United States is used solely for the purpose of cooling us off? That’s right, 6% of all our power is used on air conditioning. It’s an annual bill of around $29 billion. If it […]

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